Wire Sculptures by Gary Tiplady

Gary Tipladys Wire Sculptures

About Gary

Gary, a local celebrity and artist born and bred in Newcastle Upon Tyne, started his working life as a top chef, he even cooked for the Queen of England and a lot more widely recognised celebrities.

As well as chef work, he has adorned many a banquet with his lard sculptures, to which people placed orders, only to be told they did not have a long life span.

He has had commissions from Rolls Royce, Newcastle Race course and Newcastle United Football club to name but few.

His has done lots of charity work, the main of which has been the “Pudsey Bear” for the well know charity Children in Need.

It is from this, his humble beginnings that Gary has built up a local up and coming reputation as a wire sculpture extraordinaire, which is expanding at a rapid pace day after day.

It all began with lard art in which he had to make wire armatures to support the many lard/butter sculptures he has created in his short but creative life thus far.

It has turned his normal day to day as a lookalike for James Bond baddy Jaws to become more widely know as a very gifted worker of wire.

With his astonishing large hands he has bent and shaped a normal sheet of wire into life like animals a few of which can be found on this web site.

He has from July 2008 to July 2009 held 3 very successful exhibitions all over the UK.

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  1. greg robertson Jan 17th 2011

    they are all brilant sculptures ma dad likes them to gary they must take ages to make

  2. Hi Gary

    Just seen the two bordercollies and wow they are totally amazing. I have two of them myself.

    How much is the two collies, how long would they take to make and is there a waiting list.
    I am on the edge of a little village near Grantham, Lincolnshire.

    I look forward to your reply just as soon as you get a spare minute.



  3. How much do u charge for the cairns?

  4. Hi, I saw your wire sculptures at the Jesmon Dene House yesterday and loved them.
    Could you give me a price for a black and tan dachshund please.
    We have always had dachsys but sadly mine are no longer with me. Perhaps the wire sculpture will serve as a lovely reminder of all the pleasure they gave us.

    regards, Hazel

  5. Janet Lloyd Jan 15th 2017

    Dear Gary

    I saw your wire dogs at Jesmond Dene House and am interested in finding out more about whether you make certain breeds to order and a rough estimation of price.



  6. Hi Saw your dogs at Jesmond Dene Hotel, I have a chocolate working Cocker spaniel. what would the cost be please? Thanks Sean

  7. Louisa Matthews Mar 19th 2017

    Dear Gary,

    My partner and I have just seen some of your work at Jesmond Dene house- they’re really lovely and clearly a lot of work goes into them. Do you do a roe deer as well as a stag? If so, what sort of price point would this be?

    Kind regards,

  8. Peter Stoker Mar 28th 2017

    Hi Gary
    My daughter owns Chihuahua and i wondered how much a wire sculpture would cost
    It would make a lovely present for her birthday
    Peter Stoker

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