Wire Sculptures by Gary Tiplady

Gary Tipladys Wire Sculptures


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  1. Dominique ross Oct 7th 2014

    Hi, just back from stay at doxford hall and loved your sculptures especially the one of the website. We are just wondering how much the website sculpture would be?

  2. robert mcneil Oct 27th 2014

    Hi Gary we were very impressed with your Cairn Terrier at Doxford hall we have looked at your web site but cannot find any price list. Please advise what it would cost.

  3. colin logan Nov 1st 2014

    Just seen your work at St Mary’s Inn, very impressive. How much would it cost for a small dog (Chorkie)?

  4. Lynsey Jan 19th 2015

    Hi Gary, saw your amazing work at St Mary’s Inn – especially loved the border collie, wondering how much a smaller one would cost? Thank you

  5. Hi Lynsey thanks for your enquiry if you email me at jawss@garytiplady.co.uk I will give you a price for the sculpture .

  6. you’ve really captured the Bedlington, very impressive

  7. Chrissywheatman Jun 4th 2015

    Hi, I recently saw your fabulous sculptures at Doxford Hall so looked you up but I’m a bit disappointed that there are no prices on your website.
    I am looking for a wedding gift but I couldn’t begin to guess the cost of anything.
    I don’t have a specific sculpture in mind but a rough estimate of the dogs would help please.

  8. Jennifer Gavriel Aug 1st 2016

    Staying at the Doxford Hall and we see many of your gorgeous wire animals. We are from Canada and are interested to take one back for our condo in Victoria, BC.

    Could you let me know where we could purchase and an estimate to pricing please?

    Thank you,

  9. John Dann Aug 15th 2016

    I have a wife who is a cat lover and she has a birthday coming up, could you give me some idea of prices so I can consider a work of yours as a present.

  10. Yvonne Brown Sep 21st 2016

    We have seen your lovely work (dogs) at the Jesmond Dene House Hotel.
    Do you sell these items, I would love a bichon frise and how much are they if you do?
    Look forward to hearing from you

  11. Terry Atkinson Oct 24th 2016

    I commissioned a dog sculpture and collected it today during a very pleasant handover. It was everything I’d hoped for. It is gorgeous, virtually unbreakable and timeless. What a great idea and extremely well executed, Gary!

  12. Maureen Wilkinson Nov 1st 2016

    Love the little westie at Doxford hall would love to buy her .

  13. Maureen Wilkinson Nov 1st 2016

    Love the little westie at Doxford hall would love to buy her . 1st November 2016 .

  14. Mike Urwin Nov 9th 2016

    Been admiring your work on our visits to Jesmond Dene House, Newcastle. Super the way you capture the character of the animals. I have not seen a Cocker Spaniel (Show) dog yet. Have you made one yet and if so what kind of price can I expect to pay for one please. I am a loving owner of a blue roan dog. I would love one but can I afford it? Here is hoping. Cheers, Mike.

  15. Emma McGurk Dec 6th 2016

    Hello do you have a price list or are the above commissions?
    They are amazing…

  16. Sally Morrison Jan 14th 2017

    Hi Gary
    I was at St Mary’s Inn and enquired about the fabulous wire sculptures.
    How much are the Westies? That one was a real likeness to one I had as a child.
    Kind regards

  17. Kevin Baker Jan 30th 2017

    hello Gary
    Saw a wire sculpture at St Mary’s Inn, of a Westie.
    How much are they please?

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